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DxO PhotoLab 4.2

Processes image data and creates RAW or JPEG files
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The utility converts your photos to RAW and JPEG formats. It features multiple settings to configure and optimize the quality of a processed image, remove noise, adjust lighting, recover colors, enhance sharpness and details. The program is suitable for beginners.

DxO Photolab is mainly intended to enhance your photographs. In this respect, it allows adjusting such parameters as hue, saturation and luminosity. The tool has the main advantage of editing and converting RAW files. In this respect, it is great news that it supports practically every camera brand, which it uses to make the necessary adjustments automatically.

DxO Photolab has a nicely design interface that supports two modes: PhotoLibrary and Customize. In the first mode, the tool can index the photos in the selected folders, which you can then search using such data as date, focal length and ISO settings. Regrettably, it is all restricted to using Exif info as it does not let you add Exif to your photographs. It is also a shame that the program cannot import from media.

The Customize mode, in turn, is the one you can use to edit your photographs. Luckily, the program does not modify the original files as part of their processing. An interesting editing feature is its Repair Tool, which allows removing unwanted objects. Although the quality of the job depends on the existence of a consistent texture near the object, it generally produces decent results.

The processing is non-destructive, which means you cannot save the changes to the original files. Instead, you can export edited images to other formats or programs. In this regard, picture formats such as JPEG, TIFF and DNG.RAW are supported. Likewise, you can share images with similar tools, like Lightroom and Photoshop. Sharing photographs on the cloud is limited to Flickr, though.

The best part of DxO PhotoLab is precisely converting. On contrary, you may feel it lacks some of the editing features you can find in other programs of its type. For example, it does not support using layers, adjusting tones in a histogram and reviewing a history of modifications.

All in all, DxO PhotoLab is most appreciated as a RAW file converter. Yet, its features as a file manager and editor are rather incomplete. The product is available in two versions: Essential and Elite. Since it is not exactly what I would call “cheap”, it is good that it can be tried for 30 days with no feature restrictions.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports practically all brands of cameras
  • Two interface modes
  • Excellent for adjusting picture parameters
  • Non-destructive processing
  • Exports to various popular picture formats
  • Shares pictures with various similar tools


  • Sharing on the cloud is limited to Flickr
  • Cannot add exif data to photos
  • Cannot import from media
  • Limited editing features
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